Friday, November 20, 2009


Practicing modes can be great way to expand your lead guitar playing.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Learn the basics


Hi folks if you want to learn how to a great guitar player, I recommend taking lesons from a seasoned pro. If you are serious learn to read music for guitar and it would not hurt to pick up a book on music theory! Learning any instrument along with music, such as guitar, can increase your intelligence. Ever question what key to jam or solo in and not know? Well learning theory will also help you understand the instrument better and you will have a better grasp of how chords and songs are put together. In addition you'll be able to form different voicings on your instrument even when you are tuned differently.
A little note on practicing. When you practice try to set a time when you are going to practice, for how long and what you are going to learn! Set a goal each practice session and accomplish it. I recommend starting with 10 minutes of scales, 10 minutes of slurs and hammer-ons, 10 minutes of sight reading. Also try to set a new goal of learning a new piece a week, memorized. If for example you are going to learn a classical piece memerize two lines a day and use a metronome. Only increase speed by beats of 3 and until you can play the part clean with no mistakes.
I just started this blog so check back for my medley video.
Ok here is my medley video I hope you enjoy

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